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Seeking Free Crochet Monkey Pattern

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Need crochet pattern for monkey head. NOT sock monkey. Ape or monkey will do, or would love a monkey lovey pattern. Must be free. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Hi and welcome to the boards!  :)

Here is the search for free monkey at Ravelry.  You need to be a member to see and in some cases, download the patterns.  It is free to join though. Not sure what size you need or what your intentions for it is.  There are different sizes and types.  Lots of toys so maybe you could find one you like and just do the head part.  There was a couple coffee mug cozies that might work for you too, if you close off the top and/or bottom. Lots of monkey hats that might work, too. 


Good luck!


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