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Understanding a pattern

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I am not new to crochet, however, I am a bit out of practice reading patterns... The pattern reads- SETUP ROW: ch 28, V-st in 5th ch from hook, skip 2ch, 3 dc in next ch, *skip 2 ch, V-st in next ch, skip 2 ch, 3 dc in next ch; rep from * to last 2 ch, skip 1ch, dc in last ch... This is where I'm having an issue... ,turn- 4 V-sts, four 3-dc groups, 2 dc... 

PATTERN ROW: ch 3 (count as 1dc), *V-st in second dc of first 3-dc group, 3 dc in ch-1 space of next V-st; rep from * to end, dc in top of turning ch, turn.

Repeat pattern row until blah blah blah... I'm not worried about the 'pattern row', it's the last step of the 'setup row' that doesn't make any sense to me... Thanks to anyone that can help...

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Welcome to Crochetville! 

Everything after the word "turn" are counts. They aren't instructions. The writer indicates that the instructions are over and counts are next with a dash. The purpose is so you can check that you did the correct number of repeats.

I hope this answers your question! :)

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