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Bed spread patterns


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You can also take most afghan patterns and make them wider by adding more of the pattern repeats and longer by adding more rows. And you can add a border to make them bigger. Here are the standard sizes...


A couple things to remember when you're making a huge afgan, queen with draping or bigger. 1. Yarn is heavy. If you make a dense pattern, it'll be difficult to fit in a standard size washer and dryer. For really big, choose a lacier pattern. 2. Thread is much lighter, but takes more time to make something huge. 3. Motiffs, like squares, or strips, like mile-a-minute, are easier to work for huge afghans, but they take time to join.

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I think the above link may look a little different if you aren't yet a member of Ravelry (I've clicked links here when I'm signed out of Ravelery and it's not a filtered search).  You might have to put 'bedspread' in the search box, and you can choose other filters like 'free', yarn weight, English only, etc.

Were you thinking solid, or motifs/squares? Maybe we can narrow it down to something closer to what you had in mind. Here is a list of bedspread sizes, if you find a motif you like you can put them together to whatever size you want.

Oops, typing slow as usual, Hi Redrosesdz!

Edit, I just filtered on free, worsted weight, and English/universal (diagrammed) and only ended up with 56 matches.  You might want to filter on afghan or blanket, and work out how to enlarge it.

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