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looking for old crocheted santa stocking pattern using the loop stitch. I was on here and old 2010 post said it was an old mccall pattern from a christmas magazine. i found the pattern to purchase a couple years ago but lost the link. please help!!!!!

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Welcome to the Ville!  

For a pattern that was in a Mccall's magazine, I believe you would need to find a used copy of the magazine.  You can post here in the In search of forum, in the Recycling center section of the forums.  Otherwise you might find it in a thrift store, at an estate sale, or for sale on eBay, etsy, or similar site.  

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Here is a Family Circle pattern of a Santa Stocking; it looks like the beard is in loop stitch.  I know I'd posted when this reprint showed up in FC a few years ago, maybe this is what your were thinking of?  I remember being startled when I saw it on the cover of FC, as I'd recognized the pattern I'd cut from the 1977 mag!

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Ah.  Well you linked to the pattern on sale at eBay, so there's your answer.  You're not going to find a legit copy of this pattern for free, and I've looked and can't find one with a profile like this (just applique Santas & other motifs similar to the FC one).

But, if you can draw a little...it would be really easy to reverse engineer it with a plain SC stocking pattern -- the FC pattern would work with some modifications.  

The FC pattern is worked in 2 pieces.  Your photo looks like the face is folded, which would look better than a seam at Santa's profile, I think. 

Since the loops stitch is the same height as a sc, you could just follow the FC pattern for the foot part, which starts at the bottom, and make loop stitches instead of SC. When you get to the leg part, at 27 stitches, bind off, and make a second identical piece (or, if the back side is not meant for 'show', you can make the second piece in SC not loop stitch).  Sew these together (right sides together, careful not to catch the loops in your seam) across the bottom of the foot, around the toe and across the top of the foot but stop short to leave 27 stitches open on each side of the leg. 

From this point forward, you will be working in rows across the front and back side of the stocking; the back leg seam will be open.

Get some graph paper (you can find graph paper online and print a page, or you can do this in Excel) and plot out the stitches to be pink face and white beard (just a simple curve, following your pic).  You can do this over either 27 stitches or 54; if working over 54, you will be plotting a U shape, if 27 the plot will be half of a U, and you'll have to work each row in both directions (I hope that makes sense).  

Work the rest as you would colorwork, in pink SC and white loop stitches--the middle will be pink, the outsides white, so at this point you'll want to make a bobbin for the white yarn for one of the sides, and work from the skein on the other, to avoid a lot of end weaving--OR, if you don't care what the back looks like, you can just work pink in SC all the way across on the back to avoid the bobbin.  The nose looks like a small pom-pom or maybe a popcorn or puff stitch, and the eye is probably just a french knot or you could get more creative with your embroidery.  The mustache and eyebrow are chain a length, turn, and work back in loop stitch, then sewn on.  Make the cuff like the FC one (or loop stitch would be cool too).  The hat would just be a triangle (I don't think it looks like a cone, just 'half a hat', right?), just start with 27 stitches (or 1 or 2 fewer) and decrease gradually at the edges.  If you make the first row of the cuff in the front loop only, you could use the back loops to work into as the base for the hat, so you wouldn't have to sew it on.  Pom pom at the end of the hat.

Sew up the back seam, or slip stitch from the outside might be better to hide if you used pink straight across for the back.

This is a lot of typing but really, the hard part is learning how to do the loop stitch if you haven't done it before.  The shaping & details are very simple.



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Thanks for the advice. It appears this site isn't selling them anymore unless I read it wrong. My daughter and son in law have a stocking from when he was a baby but no pattern. Want to try and make one for my new first grandchild. Do you think I could work in the round to the heel, do the heel separate and then rejoin and continue in the round switching colors and stitches for the face?

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If I were doing this (and I knit a lot of socks for myself), I wouldn't make it like a "real" sock with a "real" heel, because the loop stitches (and the project in general) would be way easier NOT worked that way.  Plus I think the loops would look better in rows (to look like how chin whiskers might grow, not a sock heel).

BUT, I think you could work it all in the round, but not in a spiral. You could still follow the Family Circle pattern for shaping increases for the toe, starting at the bottom, just chain twice as many, and join and TURN (to keep it from spiraling) - the 'seam' (turning point) will be at the back of the sock leg.  You will need bobbins for the white, if I'm doing this in my head correctly; the pink should be near where you need to pick it up after you turn, but you'll need 2 whites (skein & bobbin) since you are turning in the middle of the white span.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that it will be more awkward to sew on the embellishments, but not impossible.

You'd have a seam to sew at the bottom of the foot.  Actually, I think I'd do that last, because being able to reach thru either end of the stocking may make it easier to sew the face bits on.

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