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Tampa Doll

Porcelain Cowgirl

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A little while ago I saw some Porcelain Dolls on sale at Factory Direct.  They are very pretty dolls, a little delicate.

She is 12 1/2 inches tall.  I looked and found I had patterns for 11 1/2 and 13.  So I decided to take a pattern for a 13 inch doll and us size 3 yarn and an F hook.  Since I was just playing to find size, I decided to make her into a County Singer.  Yesterday I got her mini acoustic guitar.

So here is Dolly.


Porcelain CowGirl  (1).JPG

Porcelain CowGirl  (3).JPG

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I am not sure, I have a couple of the heads and arms.  I am going to try a couple of patterns that just use head and hands, and use a smaller yarn or thread.

I would think that any pattern that used head and hands only, should work.

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