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In case you have heard, Photobucket is changing they way they do things.

They are no longer free hosting for embedding or external link backs.  You can  continue to use them but it will cost you $399 a year. If you have a paid account now, you will be okay until the end of next year.

I know some here, like Tampa Doll, use it to show off their works.  

Here is there blog post on the changes:


Photos already embedded will change to an upgrade reminder.  This is happening in waves so your account might not have been hit yet.

If you have photos stored there and no where else, you'll want to download them to your computer.  Some people have been reporting they are blocked and can't even access their account.  I wouldn't count on tinypic as a new site as they are owned by Photobucket and probably will go the same way.


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WOW! that isn't a good news for all those people who's pictures are there. And 400 bucks per year I think that is way too much just for storing pictures. 

For every monthly or yearly charge-expense  I am always thinking in a longer terms. I am always multiplying that by months and years.... My goodness that would come up $2000 for five years or $4000 for ten years just for storing pictures! LOL. That is crazy!. And probably will cost a LOT more because they will be hiking up those charges...... 

I do not have any pictures at Photobucket, but I was thinking about doing that. I did heard that Amazon is offering free pictures storage for Prime costumers. I would have to find out more about that.

For now my pictures are safe, I bought a back up for my computer in case the hard drive goes bad. Besides that I just bought a SanDisk Flash Drive and I will get all my pictures on that too. I will not have a link to show those pictures, that is worthed. Maybe there is another way to get the link and not pay ridicules amounts of money for that??. 

Thanks for posting that:)


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Thanks for the heads up.  That sounds pretty steep unless you needed it for professional reasons, I imagine people will be fleeing in droves.  An external hard drive is several times cheaper and you don't have to buy one once a year!  (A 3 second Google [not shopping for bargains] tells me you can get a 1TB drive for about $130, that's a lot of photos) I haven't used PB since the 'ville changed things to host directly here.

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