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Type of yarn and Hook size for this project

Vanessa Wee


Dear experts, 

I found this pattern online and im thinking of trying, but i cant really find the exact same yarn that is specified. 

Can i just use any worsted weight yarn? and what type (acrylic/cotton... etc) will you recommend?

Last question is what hook size should i use?




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Thanks for the information and the notice on the forum rules. Will keep that in mind. 

Really appreciate your effort spent on the detail information. Thanks. 

Can't wait to get the yarns and start working on it. 


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There are 3 topics that I'm going to reply...

First, according to forum rules, you can't post a link to a pattern.  It's the same as copying and pasting an entire pattern.  You can post to where the pattern is located.

Next, this is an Australian pattern.  UK/Australian crochet terms are different than US terms.  I'm not sure which you're used to.  In here, most forum members use US terms and if they refer to a UK/Australian pattern, they specify (UK).  For example, the pattern says "3tr." In US terms, it is 3dc.  Here's a link to the differences ...


Now about yarn.  I think it's a shame that the pattern says "you must use the exact same yarn."  They're trying to get you to buy yarn from them.  Rugs, afghans, etc. don't have to match the exact gauge.  If you want the same size, get as close to the gauge as possible.  Cushion covers need to match the size of the cushion that you have, rather than the pattern.  When substituting yarns, look for the same weight and fiber content as the original yarn used in the pattern to get the same look as the pattern.  However, you can switch up the yarn for this pattern to almost anything and get the look you want.  It's a simple granny square pattern.  By the way, I think that "8-ply" in Australian terms is 4-ply in US terms.  I'd look for an acrylic, dk or worsted weight yarn.  If you're shopping big brand names, you'll find more variety and better value looking at worsted weight.

Here are the details for the yarn used in the pattern:

8-ply Acrylic

Weight: DK
Texture: Plied
Fiber: Acrylic (100%)
Needles: 4mm (6 US) (8 UK)
Gauge: 22 sts / 10cm (4")
Balls: 100g; 270m (295 yds)


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I forgot to add in information about the hook size...

Hook size depends on your personal tension and if you want the exact same size as the pattern or something bigger or smaller.  (Note: if you're making something to wear, you must match the gauge to get it to fit right.)

To make a gauge, follow the pattern under the section labeled "Tension."  This is the same as the US term "Gauge."  You're making a round, so do the number of rounds specified.  Then measure it.  If it's larger than the gauge, go down a hook size or two and try again.  If it's smaller than the gauge, go up a hook size or two and try again.  If it's exact or close, you've got the right hook size. 

Note: If you're doing a flat project (rows), make a swatch bigger than the gauge.  Edges are slightly distorted for measuring.  The idea is to measure in the middle of the swatch and don't include any of the edges in the measurement.

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