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Pattern that uses small amount of different color yarns

Vanessa Wee


Dear all, 

the story is this, previously I was really ambitious on crocheting amigurumi. Therefore I bought a lot of small skeins of yarn of different colour. 

After trying to crochet a few amigurumi, I always fail at joining and thus the end product doesn't look as expected. So, I gave up on amigurumi but I not giving up on crocheting. 

Are there any patterns that I can use the yarns for other than amigurumi? 

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I'm sorry to hear that you're giving up on Amigurumi.  There are a lot of great tips out there for joining ami pieces.  Here's a visual of the method that I use ...


There are a lot of things that you can do with small amounts of yarn, usually called scrap yarn.  I just ran across Laura Scott's books and bought a couple of them.  I haven't tried the pattern's, because the books just arrived.  I did thumb through them and they look like a lot of fun and lot's of great ideas for scrap yarn.  I'm going to give you the Amazon links for the books that I bought, however if you google the books, you may find them cheaper elsewhere. 

101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects and 101 Fun To Crochet Projects

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I totally understand your frustration with joining pieces! That's a great video, Sharon. I'll definitely try that method next time I succumb to a pattern with pieces.

You can also search on ravelry for scrap yarn and there are lots of patterns which you can sort by free or for sell, yarn weight, etc. You have to join ravelry but it's free.

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You can make granny squares and then make a ton of things with those like an afghan, pillow, pull over, bag, rug, etc. 

You can make one giant granny square.  Change yarn colors every round or two or however you want.

Round ripple.  Change same as granny square.

There are sampler afghans such as As We Go Stripey

Or sample square afghans.

Do a search on Ravelry or Pinterest and see what you can find.  Fun!


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Thanks everyone for the advices on amigurumi and also on how to search for patterns for scrap yarn. 

Sharing pictures of yarns i got. While i google for suitable project do let me know if you have any suggestions :)

Appreciate all the help. :) happy crocheting. 




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