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Creating odd-shaped objects



I am designing my own patterns based off of my favorite game, World of Warcraft, and am really struggling with how to get unique shapes. Just as an example, I want to learn how to crochet Aethril (the purple/pink image linked). I am not a beginner but I am definitely not an advanced crocheter and I haven't found a good guide for oddly shaped items, like the plants in WoW. I would appreciate any help for learning how to crochet things like this. I have not found a good guide for something like this.


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It really helps when you want to design something, to learn how to shape things by making a similar thing.  I think it might help if you found a flower and leaf pattern to start with, even made as written, and then extrapolate from that.  I'm not sure how you'd get that really wispy look unless you attached some yarn ends and combed them out.  You could crochet the jagged shape, but it wouldn't be as delicate looking.  You'd probably want to use a really fine yarn or even thread.

I'll see if I can find a pattern...I'm sure I've seen something similar, but might not be free.


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These are free patterns - flower









some leaves, for the concept




You'll need florists wire and tape for the stems, and wire for the leaves (maybe for petals too).

I've been crocheting a long time; I'm not a designer but I can see often see a crocheted item and and wing something similar without a pattern, or find a similar pattern and deviate from it.  The main thing that's bugging me about your pic is getting the shredded edges to look right.  Honestly, if it were me, I'd be getting some silk lilies, some paint and scissors...



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