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Chewbacca 2 & 3

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I had a friend ask if I could make a Chewbacca.  I said sure, so I made one exactally like the pattern, using the exact colors they used, then I made one using boa yarn.  I wish I could find boa is a light brown, but no luck.  Anyway, here are the 2 Chewbacca's she will be choosing from.


New Chewbacca (6).jpg

Chewbacca 02.jpg

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They are both cute, but hey, they look different ;) The second one is like Chewbacca after visit at the hairdresser ;)

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Thank you.  The Chewbacca's have been handed over, now to see which on is picked.

Love the comments also. 

Like I said, if I could of found lite brown boa yarn, I think it would of looked better.

The first one is so soft.

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I have the kit, but I bought both fun fur and boa.  I crocheted with sports weight or fingering yarn with the fun fur and boa.  It makes it easier to use.

I am trying to find a light brown boa to try and make it like the non hairy one.

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