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I just realized that when I look at someone's profile, I can see what they are "currently viewing".   This seems a bit much to me, I really don't need to know this.  On our own profiles, can we turn this off so others can't see it?


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We used to have one option for showing who was online and a separate option for displaying what they were doing. We had it set to show who was online, but keep everyone's activity private. This is no longer possible.

We can either show who is online and what they're doing on the forum OR show none of it. We also believe in respecting each member's privacy, so for now, I've changed that setting to turn it all off.

At some point, we may be able to find a plugin that will let us display who is currently logged in. If not, that information isn't really vitally important, although it is nice for admins to know.

We will continue to show what areas Guests are viewing, since nobody can tell who is which guest.That's still anonymous.

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