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Help with pattern/diagram: Crochet Summer Bootees


Hello!  I found a pattern for some adorable baby sandals/booties, but the pattern doesn't give instructions for the soles, just a diagram.  Can anyone tell me if I have interpreted it correctly?

Round 1:
ch 13, hdc in 3rd chain from hook, 9hdc, 6hdc in next chain, 9hdc, 5hdc in chain with 1st hdc, sl st (not sure exactly where to sl st).  30 stitches.

Round 2:
ch 1 (should it be ch 2 because of hdc?), 10 hdc, 2hdc (5 times), 10 hdc, 2hdc (5 times), sl st (again, not sure where).  40 stitches.

Round 3:
ch 1 (again, should it be ch 2?), 10 hdc, *2hdc, hdc* (*5 times), 10hdc, *2hdc, hdc* (*5 times), sl st.  50 stitches.

I made 1 sole, and the length is almost 5".  The pattern says it should be about 4".  I'm using Lily Sugar 'n Cream, and an "F-3.75" hook.  They call for 3.5 which I don't have at the moment.  I don't think the .25" larger hook would account for the longer length though, would it?  I'm crocheting pretty tightly too.  These are for a baby due in July, should I try to get them smaller?  I'm not sure about sizes :)

Thank you for any help you can give me!




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As you know the diagram shows half doubles.  As long as you did that stitch and have the right number on the last round, then you followed the diagram.  

Your soles look kind of skinny to me, compared to the photo on the blog.  I guess your gauge is different than the writer's, stitches are more wide and possibly shorter.   I would say it likely won't matter too much because the whole bootie will be soft and flexible, and who knows what exact size the baby's feet will be.  

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I agree with Kathy.

I just want to add that I made booties for my now 1 yo grandson before he was born.  I don't remember the size of the sole in the pattern, but I remember redoing the first sole several times to get close to the size.  As it turns out, my grandson's feet were slightly longer than average.  He wore the booties exactly once ... for a picture.  It was a struggle to get them on.  So, an inch bigger is better.  Baby's feet grow very fast.

Also, while the hook size will make a difference in the size of the stitches, so will your tension and the yarn.  Even if you and the designer used the exact same yarn and hook, your stitches could be a different size.  Everyone has a different crochet tension.  I have noticed that the painted LS&C yarn is slightly thicker than their solids.  So, the F hook is probably better than an E anyway.

Bottom line is go with what you have.  As Kathy said, the soles are soft and will conform to the baby's feet.

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