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Seeking similar crochet pattern for a knit I love


I have been in love with this knit headband pattern for years. I have tried to reproduce it with crochet with limited success and wondered if anyone had seen a similar crochet pattern please?




This is a link to the crochet version I came up with but it isn't really recreating the intricacies of the knit version. I used angled post stitches. https://instagram.com/p/BHDqv5WDoTH/


Grateful for any advice. Thanks so much. ????

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Another thought, there is a technique called knooking that is actually knitting, but with a special crochet hook.  You follow a real knitting pattern.  Really, knitting and purling is (almost) just crochet slip stitches.  You can get knooking hooks made by Leisure Arts at the big box stores that sell yarn.  Knittinghelp.com is a good place to learn stitches/pattern reading.  Continental or Continental Combined knitting style is really similar to crochet in the aspect of how you hold your yarn and working needle.

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