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Seeking giant African flower purse pattern


I found this African flower purse I want to make.  :rose

The links all lead back to Sara Loves but the link is no good.  :no

Anyone have any idea how I can make this giant flower? :think  Need pattern 




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Here's a pattern (free) for a motif that looks pretty much like your purse, maybe a round shorter but that would be easy to add.


Just make 2 of the motifs, sew or crochet together around 5 sides; on the 6th side, make enough rows to enclose wooden handles and sew on the inside.


edit - oops, Hi Sarisue, we pushed the button at the same time!

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it looks to me like it was made with a heavy yarn, bulky/chunky wt. (you could sub for that by doubling a lighter yarn).   but of course i don't really know the dimensions of it, just going by how big i imagine the handle would be.  

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