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Tsum Tsums!

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My toddlers are totally addicted to tsum tsums, so I've been working on making some for them, I thought I had posted pics of pooh before, but I can't seem to find the post, so maybe I forgot :-)


Anyway, here they are, I just finished Minnie, and Pooh was my first one, I'm unhappy with pooh's face, needlepoint isn't my strongest talent, but I am pretty happy with Minnie. I'm working on Mickey now.


I prefer a total yarn look, so in my amigurumi stuff I don't like to use felt or fabrics for any of it, and I try to find a yarn alternative.


I included some real store bought tsum tsums so anyone unfamiliar can see what they should look like.








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Tsum tsums are a disney money making ploy from what I can tell lol. They basically took all their characters and made them simple little blob guys. There's an app game with them where you break them in bust a move style, but instead of shooting bubbles at them, you draw a line connecting 3 or more and they disappear.


But, more importantly for kids, they have toys and blind bag collections for kids to collect. They also have short videos on the Disney Jr. YouTube channel with tsum tsums having silly adventures.


I even heard they have full arcade games in some cities, and the arcade game has like a sub game where you maybe do claw machine to get a tsum tsum key chain that interacts with the arcade game and gives power ups based on the character, but I've never seen this.


But the catch is, they're all expensive, 4 bux per blind bag, 5 bux per key chain, the little Minnie and Pooh Bear in the pic cost 6 bux each, and they have hundreds of them for sale. So yarn, pellets, and stuffing is far less expensive.

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I have seen something like them advertised on Qubo.   They are like the topsy turvy to me (Which I dearly love)    I made a topsy turvy once, and  it was not easy.  You did a grand job, and I particularly  like Minnie.

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