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An infinity scarf and a regular one

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Forgive the messiness of these two, but I'm a beginner who started about two weeks back and especially with the blue scarf I had essentially no clue what I was doing. 


Still pretty proud of them. They are respectively my second and third crochet projects, as the first was a little dishcloth.


For both of them I used fairly cheap yarn from a local Dutch store called Zeeman (not going too expensive when there's still a reasonable chance of me royally screwing up). The yarn itself was called 'Julia' and I used an 8 mm hook for both scarves.

The yarn is mostly acrylic, with 10% wool. It's also twisted very loosely, but despite having read warnings that yarn like that can be a real pain, I didn't really encounter any difficulty with it. 10/10 would use for more scarves.


Onto the actual things:


The blue, regular scarf, which I made first;



I didn't measure it, since I just made sure it was roughly the same length as my old scarf. It's broad, it's long, it's incredibly soft and supersnug.

I used this pattern:


Albeit with a few adjustments. The pattern is in Dutch, sorry for that, but I still want to link it, since I want to give credit where credit is due.



And the infinity scarf, which is a lovely soft pink;




For this one I used the following pattern:




By the time I worked on the second one I realized I had already become better at controlling how loosely or tightly I was crocheting, and there is a distinct difference in the two scarves, despite the yarn used being the same. The infinity scarf keeps it's shape really nicely, whereas the regular scarf is just great to completely disappear in because my God is it soft. 


I have a lot more that I want to make, but around forty percent of that is more scarves. They're relaxing to make and there's just so many lovely patterns out there for them.

My next one will likely be with thinner yarn just to switch things up. It'll have to wait though, since I also have some fingerless gloves in the making right now.

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You're doing great!  They both look wonderful!  :)


By the way, it's okay to attach your own photos of what you've made.  It's a bit easier than uploading them somewhere and linking to them. 


To attach a picture, either start a new thread or click on More Reply Options.  Use the area under "Attach Files."

  1. Click on Browse
  2. Select your image and click on Open
  3. Click on Attach This File
  4. Click anywhere in the message area
  5. Click on Add to Post

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Thanks both!


Yeah, I know, but I didn't have all of them on my pc (I'm using puush to link images, as it uploads screenshots immediately to your account), so I just stuck with links for this one when I noticed embedding them in img code didn't work.

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