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Hi! How are you? Happy sunday for all of you.




Welcome to this special tutorial that I prepared for you. The best way to start a day is making this. I am going to teach you how to make a Yarn Bowl that is very beautiful and useful at crochet or knit time. See the tutorial here: ↓↓↓




The necessarily materials:
*100/150 g of cold porcelain.
*A mold that can be a bowl.
*Oil or flour.

For colour it:
*Acrylic paint (If we want a uniform color, add it to the beginning).
*Coffee + Vinilic glue (When dry, apply two hands with the aid of a brush. This will give you a feeling of wood).
*A Brush.

Show me your creations using #CraftyDomingos or #CraftySundays in any social media, so I can see it.

Thank you for all your comments and messages that I receive during the week.

Don't forget! Share the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I need it.

The tutorial was made by my son. Special thanks to my subscriber and follower miu_kokoro for helped me to made the porcelain.

Greetings and blessings.

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