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Hookin Catluvr

Adding new skein

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I usually just lay the new yarn along the old yarn, then make a few stitches with both, then drop the old yarn.  I make sure there is enough of an end of each to weave in to secure it.  


(This can work for crocheting too, although then i would just do one stitch with both yarns, or even a part of of a stitch for taller sts.)

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Wool=spit splice  (sounds icky, I do 'a bit of water from the faucet splice'.  I unply the ends of the 2 yarns, dampen the ends, lay one unplied end over the other end to end and rub like the dickens until it's well felted together.


Other fibers - braided join, easier to watch a video than explain.  I leave a generous unbraided end to weave in later.  


Both of these seem like these will be noticeable right as you do them but they really aren't once you get past the spot by a couple of rows.

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