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LEAST favorite crochet stitch?


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I'm working on my first (and last) Solomon's Knot (aka Lover's Knot and a few other names.)  The work goes fast, but I'm so sick of it that it is taking me forever to finish it.  I'm using my left thumb as a loop measuring tool and it hurts after 30-40 loops.  My project is currently 72 loops around, which means 143 thumb ouchies.  Four rounds and it's done.  I can't wait!

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I cast a second thumbs-down vote for bullion stitch, I usually sub a cluster of 2-3 tall stitches instead (whatever fits the pattern appearance-wise).

I prefer more structured stitches, I tend to sub popcorns for puffs for example, and avoid hairpin lace, Solomon's knot and that sort of thing.  

On the other hand, I really like the tidy, finished LOOK of reverse single crochet so I do use it for potholders and such; those first couple of stitches are a lulu but my brain and fingers get the hang of it after that :lol 

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