Our House (Part Three)

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Hi everybody!

My friend Ro in FL got an email from her goddaughter in Seattle - she received the blanket and hats I had made and was so thrilled. I read the sweet note she sent Ro, saying she had already told 6 week old Declan how much he was loved. She just wanted to let us know that everything arrived safely and was going to send me a personal thank you. There isn't enough money in the world that could make me feel better than i did the moment I read her email...the note I enclosed to her was from "one adoptive mother to another".....

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9 hours ago, Gardener said:

Good morning. Cold, dreary, gloomy, windy here. I’m getting a little tired of gloomy. Typically our winters are about 90 percent gloomy, so I guess I’d better just learn to grin and bear it. On the positive side, the dust in the house is pretty much invisible.Works for me! The only time sunshine isn't welcome is when I haven't cleaned in a while...lol!


Work wasn't too bad on Monday and Tuesday. I had a super sick patient and didn’t really get out of her room much. The new software is very time consuming, (as I expected), and will probably continue to be so for a while. I work again this weekend.Time must fly for you!


My baby surprise sweater is moving along very slowly. My local yarn shop offers private knitting classes for $25 an hour which seems very reasonable to me. I’m still thinking about having them teach me how to knit in the round. Since you already know how to knit in general I think it's a great idea to take those lessons. You know you really want to....:rock


Yesterday dd and the grandkids came over, so I didn’t accomplish much. Today I am doing laundry, planning to go grocery shopping, and Dh and I are taking mil and dh’s elderly uncle, (mils brother) out to lunch. I am also going to bring a meal to a family from our church whose 2 year old recently had a liver transplant. I’m making pulled pork and sautéed green beans. I also made them two loaves of pumpkin bread. (That’s why I need to go grocery shopping, I need rolls for the pork, plus I want to add chips and an assortment of raw veggies because they have teenagers who eat a lot!)  Dh talked to the mom and he said they sounded really happy to be getting this meal. (Probably because nearly everyone else that signed up brought chili, spaghetti or soup and rolls). My pulled pork will be a change.

That meal sounds perfect! I was at my goddaughters house yesterday and though her mom had just gotten home from flying to be with her new granddaughter she was in full homemaker mode, cooking a meal of chicken marsala and rice pudding for a friend whose husband has a terminal illness. You guys - who are always so busy - have hearts as big as a house! 

well, washer just beeped. Back to work....


have a a great Day!

So, I had a routine cardio appointment today and my doc says I'm on automatic pilot, so I've graduated to seeing him only once a year! 

Cindy, we had a little sun today - not much. The days have been pretty dreary here, too.


Have a great evening.

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