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I need a crochet dress shortening in UK

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Hi all,  I cannot crochet at all but I have a long crochet dress which I desperately need shortening.  Could anyone help or point me in the right direction of anywhere/anyone who could help?  I live in wirral Uk.

I have attached a picture of the dress.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Hi  :)


here is the dress on the seller's site http://www.bonprix.co.uk/products/crochet-maxi-dress/_/A-955759_18


as far as i can see this is actually machine-knit, not crochet.  it is common for stores to describe anything with openwork as "crochet".  


To try to shorten it I would take the dress to a professionsl alterations shop.   

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Yipes.  Beautiful dress but this would be a challenge (sorry, not volunteering!).  Agree with taking it to a professional shop.


I do (well, used to) make a lot of my own clothes, and the only thing I can think of would be to take a pattern stripe out of the middle somewhere where it wouldn't look weird, if one of the stripes in the pattern was about the length you needed to take off (close to the hem maybe--might look like an added edging constructed like that on purpose?).  The nice thing is, unless you really had your heart set on floor length, it wouldn't be a disaster if by taking out a stripe you end up with tea-length instead.


At that price, it can't possibly be 'real' crochet (which has to be hand-made).  Hopefully the fabric, if seamed at the side, is matched perfectly (or my idea won't work).  Also hopefully the liner isn't attached below the arms, or my idea would involve tearing quite a bit of it apart.


Good luck!

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