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Help! Hooded owl blanket


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Welcome to the 'ville!


I don't mean to sound crabby, but it's against forum rule (and US copyright law) to post a pattern here.  The forum owners can get into trouble.  You should delete the pattern pic.


Having said that, and peeked at round 5, I'm going to guess that the problem is the double asterisk.  This confuses a lot of people (including me the first time I ran into it), but it does not mean the same thing as a regular asterisk.  It's just a place marker in a pattern repeat, to be completely ignored for all the repeats until later in the line of instruction where it tells you to do something different starting at the point marked by the asterisk to end up the row.

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Here is a swatch, in various stages - ignore the part sticking out at the bottom, I chained 20 without figuring out the pattern multiple and had 3 stitches left over for a minimum pattern repeat)

pic at row 3 (I suggest chaining loosely here)

pic at row 4 (a confusing part might be where you make a sc over [around, capturing] the chain loop and into the middle of the shell below)

pic at row 5 (is very similar to row 3, except the shells are offset, which is the reason for the need of the double asterisk)

pic at row 6 (similar to row 4 but shells are offset)

pic at row 7 (like row 3)







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