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Hello I am new person here :)

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Hello, I am Michelle. I just found this site and am Over the Moon excited!!! :manyheart  I found this hobby; 3 yrs ago. So, I am "new" to crocheting; But have found it~~~ Has enriched my life so much. Its very relaxing and I am finding crocheting the best gift. :)  I  have given myself and can make others gifts too. I am looking into ergonomic hooks for arthritis :(  If anyone can tell me their experiences of "brands" best hooks, costs.etc.  I would So appreciate it. I am a senior on a limited budget :):cheer



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Welcome to Crochetville!


Hook style is a personal preference.  It depends on whether you hold your hook like a knife or a pencil.  Also, whether you prefer rounded heads with a tapered throat, like Boyle, pointed heads with an inline throat, like Susan Bates, or something in between.  There are so many different ergonomic handles, that you need to find what is most comfortable for your hands.  Check out this link on hook styles ...




What I did was get a hook in various brands all the same size.  Then I made the same dishcloth using each one.  I returned the ones I didn't like and went searching online for a set of the one I liked best.  I chose Clover's Amour and love them!  Budget is an issue for me too, so I told my family that is what I wanted for Christmas.  Letting them know you'd like a gift card for where you find yours would help with the expense, too.

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The best thing I have found are the cooper lined fingerless gloves like the wear for sports... keeps my hand and thumb warm while I am hooking, and if hte thumb is warm.. "arthur" is happy LOL


 Welcome from NC~ :welcome

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