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Need help locating some patterns please

Sara Martin Griffith


Can everyone keep a look out for the patterns of the links I have attached? I found the pictures on sites that are not in english while surfing the internet I translated what pages I could but there is not any mention of a pattern. I am in the process of crocheting a Christmas village and would love to have a nativity scene to go along with it. These would be perfect or something very similar to them. Thanks and Happy New Year.



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Depending on the size you want to make, here are some angels with instruments called Angels in Harmony.




Here is another called Band of Angels by Annie's Attic 




They are for the angels, I have not seen the rest of the figures you are looking for .

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Sara, we'd love to help you find what you're looking for, but we need to do so while following our site policies, which state members can only upload photos to which they own the coypright. This means you can't upload photos you find on the internet, as the copyright belongs to someone else. So I'm going to have to remove the images from your post.


However, you are very welcome to post a link to the webpages on which you found those images. You can also go to ravelry.com and search their pattern database for crochet nativity scenes.

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Sara, no problem! However, I have some more bad news, unfortunately. I believe at least one of those sites is a site that allows people to upload scanned images of copyrighted patterns without permission of the copyright holders. I may have to remove one or more of those links, since we also don't allow links to sites that support copyright infringement.


Here are some links that we can allow.


Free Patterns:


Red Heart Nativity Set


Nativity Set by Erin Sharp



Paid Patterns:


Nativity Set by Tessa van Riet


Nativity Set by Maria Stout (She has multiple sets)


Leisure Arts Nativity Set ebook


Nativity Set by Carolyn Christmas

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The pattern you are looking for, or the page where you show the set you are looking for, is in Polish and it is knitted.  I slowly translated what she was saying and she designed the set herself, not finding what she wanted.

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This is not in thread, but I thought it was cute - the donkey is rather clever, I think.  No reason you couldn't make a smaller thread version. (free pattern)


Not sure if this is to scale to the others, but you could add a camel (also free)


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