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2017 Stashbusting CAL


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There seem to be fewer on all the threads in the forum. Maybe people are just busy, home, work, or a shift to other crafts. They may have had issues getting into the forum and given up. I couldn't get on for about a week a while back and I've seen references to others having a problem. Hopefully it will pick up again.

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I've been out of state for about three weeks! 

I've Bought a LOT of Yarn

I went to several Local Yarn Stores in Maryland and Virginia and downtown DC!

4 skeins of fingering weight (#2) Superwash Merino wool and Nylon -8

and then 2 skeins of Sport (#3) Superwash Merino -4

finally, 6 skeins of worsted (#4) Peruvian Merino Wool -12

SO a total of -24 for three weeks!

WTD -24

YTD -458

KaylaKitsa hasnt used any yarn!


YTD -81

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1 hour ago, PBLKNP said:

Woohoo, medaled twice!

Say, why do we seem to have less people participating lately?

I've been noticing that myself. I think it goes back to when the site changed hosts or whatever, several months back. There were issues getting on, like Mona said, and then things were just different once I did get on...I'm sticking around though because I know this is a wonderful place where people understand my crazy yarn stuff lol

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Sounds like some fun stops of your trip, MalisaMeesa.

I agree, Jessie. I enjoy the people here. I'm not on facebook, so this is the one "social" site I come to. I don't always have as much time as I would like to respond and join in discussions, but I always try to at least scan though posts and keep up with what's going on.

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On 11/26/2017 at 3:44 PM, greyhoundgrandma said:

WTD scores for the week ending 11/25/17:

Gold Medal Winner: howieann +3

Silver Medal Winner: PBLKNP +2

Bronze Medal Winner: Inkked0317 +1

greyhoundgrandma 0

Shoot the Moon Winner: Ellie 13 -3

Good job, everyone!

I didn't know I could get "Shoot The Moon" with -  3. I can't post scores because I have to use the library computer and they're not open on Sun.

Can somebody help me PLEASE !!! Sorry about that.

I made 3 more hats and some wreath pins and used a skein and 2 balls (+ 4) :cheer.

Ellie 13

WTD: + 4  YTD: + 67


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Hi All!!!

I've had a busy week this week! I finished my Snuggle this Muggle baby blanket for our newest expected niece/nephew's Christmas gift, which took 5 balls all together (+5). We'll be finding out tomorrow afternoon the baby's gender, so I'm excited about that! I also finished a Hello Kitty doll for one of the kids at church and used a skein and a ball (+3) on that. Lastly, I made a mermaid which took 2 skeins and a ball (+5) and started a second one which I've already used a skein on (+2). The mermaid was supposed to be my little cousin's Christmas gift but I'd never made a doll with hair before and had no idea how heavy it would make the doll's head so she looks like she's got a broken neck and I'm just not giving that to my little cousin lol. So the first one has been given to my soon to be 4 yr old and I'm calling her my practice mermaid. I've got a new one started, and then I'll have one more to do after that.

WTD: +15

YTD: +494

My aim for next week is to get the mermaids done, and get started on a lego blanket for one of the boys at church. I've already made for his younger sis & brother so once I get his blanket done, I'll be able to give all three to the intended kids and I'd LOVE to be able to get them done before Christmas. I also accidentally found out that Hubs bought me a 2 blanket kit that was a doorbuster at Michaels as my Christmas gift, so I know I'm going to get 30 skeins of yarn for Christmas...but I'm not putting that in my score until I actually am given the gift and add it into my stash lol. Needless to say, my last week of the year will have a negative score :lol

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Ellie...I have the baby gender reveal thing to go to after church tomorrow, but if no one else does the scores by the time I get home, I'll do them for this week! Probably won't be until sometime after 430 PM

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Having a ball at the knitting retreat. I've used a skein of each color on a mermaid tail blanket, so.....

WTD +6

No problem, Ellie. I'm not sure what time I'll get home tomorrow, but I can post the scores if it's before you have time,Jessie.

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Scores for the week ending 12/2/17:

Gold Medal Winner: Inkked0317: +15

Silver Medal Winner: greyhoundgrandma +6

Bronze Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +4


howieann 0

KaylaKitsa 0

Shoot the Moon Winner: MalisaMeesa -24

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OH my gosh! I'm shoot the moon winner again! aaaahhhh! 

aaaand I have been knitting up a storm! Finished 3 knitted 2 x 2 ribbed hats! then I FINISHED a baby blanket so I've gotten through 7 skeins! +14

buuut my black Friday order of Sweet Rolls from Joann's came in this morning..... -36

3 skeins each of:
Pixie Pop
and Wasabi!

LADIES!!!! they are soooo soft and wonderful to work with!!!

sooo; so far I'm at -22 this week so far! hopefully I can get that number down a bit! gotta make hats for pretty much everyone in my family!


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14 hours ago, greyhoundgrandma said:

I've got some of that but haven't used it yet. I have an order of 15 skeins coming in sometime, but no ship email yet. I've got to get busy or I'll have a negative ytd again.


It's SOOOO SOFT!! i'm worried because I can't tell if its common but I've gotten tiny little bleps... flecks of the other two colors in the one stripe i'm using. lemme see if I can get a picture. I personally don't have a problem with them but if I have an order in these yarns i really don't want them to ruin a project...


20171205_205112 (1).jpg

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Happy Saturday everyone!!

Mona, congradulations on your grandbaby!! 

This week I made the two mermaids for my little cousin's Christmas gifts, using 5 balls and 2 skeins (+9). I also started a Lego block blanket I'd mentioned last week. I need to make 90 pieces, and I've gotten about 70 of them done so far, used up a full skein on that (+2). I'm hoping to finish making the pieces, get a black edge put on them all, and join it all together this upcoming week.

WTD: +11

YTD: +505

I've decided I liked starting the year with no WIPs, so I have the goal of finishing the Lego blanket, making one more mermaid (for my nearly 2 yr old), and then figuring out the projects I want to make starting in January and compiling the lists of yarns needed (to put together a shopping list cause I know I'll get Michael's gift cards for Christmas lol), and doing all the prep work so that I can get right into things on January 1st!

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finished my hat and started a cowl for myself so +2

then I finished off four balls finished up a blanket that had been languishing for a while +4

picked up another hat project and finished a skein on it! +2

i'm trying to do small simple projects for some last minute Christmas gifts so I have four sets of ribbed wristlets started knitting two at a time. I have another 2 sets already finished so another +2

MalisaMeesa WTD: +10

KaylaKitsa hasn't been crocheting or knitting so +0


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