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Christmas Table and Tree 2016

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I know I am late posting this, but life got in the way.


You will see pictures of the table with my crocheted and knitted things and of course my tree where many of you contributed to the decorations.


If you look at the two gifs, one is a trip around the house with all my decorations and the other is more of the table.  Enjoy




Merry Christmas to all my Friends and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.




First Trip  Second trip around the house

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Very beautiful and festive!  You said "Enjoy" and I definitely did enjoy both trips around your decorations (and the pic of you at the mailbox.)  That's a great pic of the two of you in younger days, too!


Merry Christmas!!  :ctree:gift:rud:2snowman:santa:sheepxmas:grinch

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OMG im speechless!! Look at all those pretties!! it will take me another coupla times through both "tours" to admire it all!! Such a stunning display and all that work a nd setting it up too. Just breath taking for sure. thank you ao much for my lift for the rest of the year probably!!! this will close out this year on a high for us all!!, wow amazing!! Muah!!!❤♥

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