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Christmas Gift Water-Bottle Cozy

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This year the holiday gifts are budgeted at under $10 for each person due to everyone having a very tight year....Whipped up water bottle cozies for my sister-in law & my nieces gifts.



Price for yarn was $1.50 each-have leftover yarn 

Case of water for house/gifting $2.50/ 24 bottles= 10 cents per bottle lol

Cost of hats yarn was $2.50 each-have leftover yarn 


So total is less then $10.50 for 2 :applause

So I have $9.50 to use toward extra stuff....Treats/Gift bags


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Thanks everyone Yes it's very hard to stay in budget but we did pretty good...We have some extra $ leftover for maybe and extra batch or 2 of Candy Bacon for the Xmas dinner potluck we do.....


Crochet unrelated but Gift updates....


2 kids (6 year old $10 Container of army guys/tanks/trucks) and (18 month old a Little Tub Fishing Net/Fish for bath time $10)

Brother & Dad- Homemade Candy Bacon (supplies under $13) and 2 gift Cards $10 each

Mom  Gift Cards--- one for  $10 Panera and one for $10 Chiplote some nights she is home alone and likes to grab a quick meal

Sister in law- Crochet Slouch Hat price $2.50 for yarn and  Water Bottle Cozy $1.50 for yarn

Niece- Crochet Slouch Hat price $2.50 for yarn and  Water Bottle Cozy $1.50 for yarn

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Isn't great to stay with in our budgets.  :)  Don't be surprised when we all are lined up at your door for Candied Bacon, ooops there goes that budget!

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