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2016 WIP buster CAL

Melissa Kroll

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Good Morning,


I pretty sure that has to be quite a few people that are in the same situation as I am! I have about 6+ wips that I would really like to get done so that I have a clean "slate" for the start of the new year! If you want the same thing, please join me! I hope that we will be able to get as many of these WIP's out of the way as quick as possible.  HERE IS MY LIST THUS FAR:


  1. Ripple afghan for Dh
  2. Wedding ring quilt
  3. Peppermint Throw
  4. Sampler throw
  5. Cluster Stitch Cardigan (Put on hold until I can get more yarn to keep going!)
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Here's my list:


1. Blue and white baby blanket

2. Green frog baby blanket

3. Sophie's garden baby blanket

4. Forest animal baby blanket (not a crochet project but it's a UFO that needs to get done)


I know I won't get all of them done by the end of 2016, but I'll just roll it over to 2017's list!!!

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