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Melissa Kroll

63 Easy to Crochet Pattern Stitches

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I am wondering does anyone own this book? I was given the pattern from a good friend but then I also found the book on Amazon so I purchased it.  I have already done the 1st square but I have (I'm sorry to say) have used the colors that I had planned to use to make my 1st one. But none the less if I find out that anyone else has this book, would you be interested in doing a CAL w/ me?

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I don't have the book, and I'm not much of a blanket maker, but it seems to me that there was a crochet-along for this book in the CAL section several years ago.  


Ah, it took a few tries but here's the original (for some reason "63" didn't work, but sixty*three did)



Not meaning to discourage you, because it sounds like a fun way to learn new stitches and a worthy project to resurrect as a new CAL--I was just meaning to suggest that you post this in the CAL sub-forum, you might find more takers there.


Have fun!

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