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The Purple Lady project bags

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Hi everyone, I am Tirza, from the Netherlands, and I started making project bags in June. It started with getting a cat, which made me reluctant to leave my projects around, just in case she got interested in my yarn. For several months I just used zip lock bags, but then I saw sewn project bags on a podcast, so I started to make my own. I make all my own patterns from scratch, and months of trying to improve and finding the best way to do it resulted in my current 4 sizes: notions pouch, standard bottomless, standard and XXL. I don't currently have all four stocked, but I do make them.


Anyway, I have also been experimenting with different fabrics, resulting in a mix of styles, from modern, cute and colorful to vintage (from scraps bought in thrift stores and such). Coincidences led to finding my own style. I line all my bags with a soft blue cotton, I always use colorful and daring blind zippers, and I always attach my trademark butterfly as a charm to my bags. I have now realised I can also make the charm double as a stitch marker, so that is new.


Well, I am guessing I don't have much more to say, wall of text and all. Loads of information can be found on my Etsy shop or website, and I post a ton of my work on Instagram, which you can also find on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePurpleLadyDesigns


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Love them

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