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Shell pattern... but where did they go?

Vanessa Wee


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The shells sort of nest together, so the shells in row 2 snuggle between the shells of 1 and 3.  It's not going to look like your diagram, which is sort of an 'exploded' view and not really what shells really like.  Look at the first row of your diagram, at the SC between the shells on the first row.  Shells in the second row are made into this SC, but your diagram is showing a huge gap between the SC and the shell above it (not that you are supposed to HAVE a gap, I think they are drawing it that way so it's less crowded looking and easier to see the stitches).


Edit - OK, I'm officially the world's worst artist.  I've flipped your photo rightside up (so the chain is at the bottom), and outlined a couple of row 1 and row 3 stitches in red, and a row 2 stitch, nestled between them, in blue.  I hope this helps.




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