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Hi from Manchester/Leicester, UK

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Hi all,


I'm Sarah and I am originally from Belgium but have lived in the UK for 2 years now, commuting between Manchester and Leicester


I mainly joined this forum to ask you for some advice.

So, I am wanting to start my own crochet shop and have everything ready to go, except for a name...

I was wondering if anyone here could offer some advice please?


So far I've come up with stuff like "Magic Rainbow Crochet" because in crochet you can use so many colours it sometimes resembles a rainbow and a friend of mine has said before that crochet is 'magic' because he really doesn't get how it's done.

I've also come up with "From Sarah With Love" because my name is Sarah and I love crochet and therefor put love, passion and thought into every single item I make.

Another name I thought of is "Sarah's Makes".


Now the main problem I have with these is that my boyfriend says they might be too hard to find on Google or they might be too long, so that's made me think about them again and so I'm still looking for an appropriate name for my crochet shop. (My favourite is stil "From Sarah With Love" but that might indeed be too long, not sure)


All I really want my crochet shop name to be is something lovely and cute and something that people will immediately know what it's about (or just have an idea what it's about, like handmade or made with love) doesn't even have to include my name (some people suggested to just put my initials together and put crochet behind it but my name has 5 initials so I thought that'd be a bit difficult again).


Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you for reading!!

Crochet love, Sarah

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Hi Sarah! I came up with the name Green Owl Crochet (for my Etsy shop) instantly. It just popped in my head. I googled it and it wasn't taken, so voila! However, if you're debating about what name to use, maybe you can make a list of potential names? Good luck!

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