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How do you work into both loops of a chain made with Light weight yarn


I'm attempting to make some baby socks using this pattern:  http://www.ballhanknskein.com/2013/06/newborn-baby-sock-crochet-pattern.html


And since it says specifically where to work the back loop only I'm assuming that every where else would be both loops. 


The problem is I cannot get my hook under both loops of my chain. The yarn is a soft, slippery sport/baby yarn, and my hook is a size D 3.25mm aluminum hook. Can I just work in the back loop or will that cause problems for me later on? I just can't see how ANYONE could possibly get the hook under both loops of such small, slippery stitches and I feel like I must be doing something wrong. 


Thanks so much for any help you can throw my way! 

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Welcome to Crochetville!


I'm assuming that you're at the beginning and working into the foundation chain.  If that's not right, then please let me know.


There are several ways to crochet into a foundation chain.  Here's an excellent guide ...



What you're going to be doing is crocheting on both sides of the initial chain.  There are 3 strands in each chain.  It doesn't matter which side you insert your hook under 1 strand and which side you insert your hook under 2 strands.  When I'm crocheting on both sides, I prefer to insert my hook under the back bump on the first side and the top 2 strands on the other side.


What I mean by crocheting on both sides of the chain is that you'll start out as normal crocheting into the chain, including crocheting 3 stitches at the beginning.  Then you'll add 3 stitches at the end of the chain.  Next, you rotate the chain so that your first row is at the bottom, but don't turn it over.  Then you'll crochet into the remaining strands on the chain until you reach where you started.   This creates an oval.


If you're having a hard time inserting your hook into the chain, then you need to make the chain a bit looser.  You can do this by increasing your hook size for just the initial chain or by pinching each chain as you make the next one, so it doesn't tighten up.


I hope this helps!  Let me know if you need more information.  :)

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Hi and thank you for the welcome Sharon and Kathy! 


The problem I'm having is in fact with the foundation chain. I just can't get the hook under both loops for one stitch, let alone the two it's asking for. I'm going to try and re-do the chain a little looser and see if that helps. As a general rule though, can I choose between both loops and back loop only when working into the foundation or is it whatever the pattern indicates (in this case, I think it's both loops since it doesn't say "BLO").


Thank you ladies for your help! 


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I agree with the rest, it's just about impossible to work between the back bump and the chain side, with the chain side facing you on the foundation row.  (I've tried this in an attempt to see how many ways I can work into a chain, and it was with bigger yarn & hook).  The 3 ways in the link in post 2 are the 3 common ways to do it.  Long ago when I first learned to crochet, I was taught to use the top loop of the chain, and for the starting part when you are making the oval for the underside of the bootie, that's what I'd recommend.  This way you are working into 1 loop all the way around and have the center 'back bump' unused in the center underside.


Note, the top loop of the chain is the same as the 'back loop' of the top of a 'real' stitch, but using the back loop of a 'real' stitch creates a ridge--it does not create a ridge when you use this loop on the initial chain.

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