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Pattern help



Hey guys,


I am BRAND new to this crocheting business and Im having trouble reading basic patterns. I am going to attend some workshops in my local area but they are not on for another few months and I am itching to start! Is someone able to decipher the below pattern for me in newbie terms? (this is an Australian/UK pattern for a blanket)


Using a 5mm hook, make 170ch (Ok, I can understand this one)

1st Row: Miss 3ch (counts as 1tr), 1 tr in each ch to end ... 168tr (I read this as skip 3 chains, insert hook into 4th chain and do a treble, then repeat until the end .. you will have 168 trebles)

2nd Row: (1dc, 1ch) in first tr, 1tr in each of next 166tr, 1tr in turning ch (treble fabric) (eeekk!)

Note - (1dc, 1ch) counts as a tr. Work into the 1ch at the end of every row, to ensure that you always have 168 sts.



Thankyou so much for your help! I will master this new language yet!




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Welcome to Crochetville!


If I'm interpreting where you're confused, it's at the ends of each row.  I'm going to try to explain in UK/Australian terms, even though I'm used to American terminology.


When you're making fabric in rows, you have to start with a foundation.  In your pattern the foundation is a chain of 168 stitches + extra stitches for making the first stitch = 170 chains.  Those extra chains are the same as the height of a tr.  To start a new row you need to get to the height of the stitches.  For a tr or higher, what you do to get to that height counts as the first stitch.  So, you're correct that you insert your hook in the 4th chain and make a tr.  At that point you have 2 tr stitches, the chains are 1 and the tr is 2.  When you're done with the first row, you'll have 167 actual tr stitches + 1 tr stitch made of chains = 168 tr stitches.


For all other rows, you have to reach the height of a tr to start the row.  This is what is known as the "turning chain."  Most patterns will tell you to chain 3 to get the height.  Your pattern is telling you to do a dc and a chain to get the height.  You do which ever one is more comfortable for you.  Whichever you do, it counts as the first stitch.  Your next stitch, which is an actual tr, is done in the 2nd <, because it's the 2nd tr.


When you get to the end of a row, you have the previous row's turning chain (either a stack of 3 chains or a stack of 1 dc + 1 ch.)  Your last tr is in the top chain of the previous row's turning chain.


When you're done with each row, you should have 167 actual tr + 1 turning chain tr = 168 stitches.  Count them to make sure.  If you're unsure, you may want to put a stitch marker, like a bobby pin (UK kirby pin), in the ends of each row.  Move them up as you complete each row.  Marking the ends will make the turning chains more visible while you're crocheting.


I hope I helped explain things.  Let me know if you're still confused or if I confused you more.  Good luck!

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Thankyou so much for taking the time to respond to me with such a detailed answer! You are absolutely right, I was confused with what I needed to do at the ends. Your explanation makes perfect sense to me.


Thanks again for your help and warm welcome, much appreciated. I am going to start my first big project now!



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