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First Time Creating a Pattern



Hi all,

   I am looking to create a pattern for a sweater for a friend of mine. I'm a relatively new crocheter, and I've never traveled into the realm of pattern making. I think I need some help .  :)  


  My friend is looking for something like this sweater: post-78382-0-20410800-1474064931_thumb.jpg


  I'm not sure where to even start making a pattern for something like this. 


  Some help would be really great.

  Thanks in advance!!! 


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Welcome to the Ville!

If you don't have experience making garments, I think it will be hard to design something. Also it is hard to tell the dimensions of that since it is on a hanger. And as far as I can tell it is knitted.


Have you thought of looking for a pattern for a crocheted oversized sweater? That would be my recommendation.

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I agree that designing a garment if you aren't familiar with garment construction, and are also new to crocheting, is not a good idea - better to follow a pattern for a few garments first, in different styles, to understand how everything works.  Baby clothes are a good way to learn: quick, not much yarn used, and you can keep for the next baby shower or donate.


Here's a couple that are sort of close-ish (free patterns):




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