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A new Jimbo Hook Style?

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There was a fairly recent review of several crochet hook styles by a group organized by French crochet Designer Sylvie Damie (http://chezplum.com/) that included a Jimbo hook.  I was very pleased by the results received from Sylvie and as a result, was inspired to develop a hook that is more directed to those who use the underhand or "pencil" grip.  Here's a link to the review   http://chezplum.com/blog/2016/06/08/crochet-hook-review-3-furls-odyssey-and-candy-shop-jimbos-front-porch-hook/

Sylvie is a very talented designer AND lives in the south of France in the Alps!!  Holey cow would I love to visit there!  

Anyways, the very first new style hook is up for sale in my blog and shown in the photo below, 3rd from

the left.  Note it's a basic Jimbo hook but without the flared foot.  Much better balance for underhand crocheters.  In my opinion, it's just not as purty as the ones with the flared foot, but could well be more ergonomic, especially for overhanders. 

I'm considering adding this style or maybe even converting because it's also well suited to underhand (toothbrush grip) users.  I was sure to make the hook long enough so the heel extends a little beyond the side of the hand.

Please tell if you've a notion, your opinion....Should this style become a staple in the vast (heh) Jimbo Hook product line??





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