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I was approached by a lady who also does other handmade stuff, however she does handstamped jewelry/keychains & stuff like that. She was wanting to know if I would be interested in a trade. I make something for her, she makes something for me. I said, Sure, there was a few things I was wanting from her shop, so I asked her what she wanted. She sent me a picture of a tiny baby wearing a crochet sock monkey hat, and holding a stuffed sock monkey. I asked her if she just wanted the hat or did she want the toy too, and she wanted the toy. I have NEVER made a stuffed sock monkey before, and I had to alter the pattern I found because I didn't have any felt. I started this on Wednesday evening and finished it Thursday evening. I think they turned out absolutely adorable. Better yet, I used a full skein of grey and luckily I had a tiny ball of the same grey, so I didn't have to use any, so that helped my Stashbusting score too! 



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You're right that both turned out absolutely adorable!  I've got a great nephew coming in January and I've been debating what to make.  I think a sock monkey lovie and matching baby afghan might be my pick.  Loved your story and a craft trade is an excellent idea for a win-win!  :)

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Looks Good!!!


Last year mydaughter did one of those monkey's for a co-woker it's lots of work and people where lining up to order them....for $40 a piece just a FYI


Wow! That's great!! I did the set for $30.

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Absolutely adorable! :)

Earlier this year I made a "Colorful Monkey - lovie" for my doctor one year old grandson. Few days later I got a phone call from him telling me how much they like that. I got little "puzzled" and asked him: "How many grand kids do you have? because I thought you have only one and you just said: "they". He said: I am talking about my grandson and his mother LOL..

I am planning to make a couple of sock monkey hats for Christmas gifts. One will be for the same little boy the other for a little girl few months old.



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