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Simon the Snowman

Tampa Doll

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This is a kit I purchased from Mary Maxim.  It is called Simon the Snowman.


His is knitted with 4 DP needles size 7 & 8 and regular SP in 7.  I had to use Boa type yarn.  Did not take as long as I thought it would.  Took a couple of starts before I got it moving.


I am going to try this in Crochet next.


Here he is.


post-105-0-49033500-1473349571_thumb.jpg  Watch me twirl

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Well Linda here's to you hip and my ankle lol. I made it to the store but didn't let go of the cart as my ankle feels weak and like it could go out soon but we made it there and back!! I will worry about Walmart on another day when my ankle is more trustworthy lol


Glad to have the driveway done it is so nice and smooth now. On a waiting list for this stump however lol.

Nuttin much else going on so I'll leave off for now and see ya all later!! H Sandra how you feeling lately??

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He is beautiful! :) I LOVE  everything about Simon :).


I do have that Boa yarn somewhere in my basement LOL. I wish I could knit.

I will try to find that yarn and crochet me a snowman:). Never thought of using that for a snowman.


How tall he is without that hat?.


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