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Sept. 2016 Table and tree (Heavy images)

Tampa Doll

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When I was growing up, We always went back to school after Labor Day.  It was busy the first few days, getting books and lockers and getting to know the school, especially when I went to Jr. High (middle school) and High School.


So I dedicated  this table and tree to School Days.  The girls are dressed in their finest for school and we even have a Cheerleader. The bee hive is to remind me of days in the woods, when it would seem that every bee and yellow jacket were out.


We have our school girl from the 1800's and a school Marm.  In the back is Sock Monkey Mom and Dad with their son who plays baseball.  He is all ready for the World Series.  On the side is Aunt Sally with her niece in her pretty pink dress.


Ah and of course the Elephant and the Donkey.


Finally if you look at the tree you will see leaves, books, and pencils.  They are all courtesy of some fine FGM's here on the Ville.


Enjoy and remember the cool, crisp days of Fall are not far behind.



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Ohh nice job!! You are too much!! How long did this take to set it all up?? Would take me days!!!again fun to look at it allLOL.


Except for Christmas it usually takes 2 days.  One for the tree and one for the table.

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