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Our puppy is 10 months old.  She came from a rescue group and we got her in April.  She's a lovable beagle - very cute and distinctively marked.  But she's in the doghouse (figuratively, not literally) with me right now.  Yesterday I got a package in the mail.  I found a copy of a crochet pattern booklet that I had a long time ago and wanted to purchase it again to make Christmas ornaments.  She chewed it up!  She picked up the package, carried it into the bedroom and chewed it to bits!  Luckily, the same Etsy seller had another booklet available.  I had to repurchase it.


Ever have your pet ruin anything for you?  I notice that if I don't put my crocheting back into the canvas bag I keep it in, she will pick up my project and "take it for a walk".  I find a long string running from my skein to wherever she has carried my WIP.


I love her but she's frustrating.  I hope she outgrows this chewing stage.  And her digging stage too.  Our back yard looks like the surface of the moon.  My husband buys filler soil by the 50 pound bag to keep the holes filled in.


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Oh no, a chewer!


Watch out for your shoes, especially if you have leather sandals or shoes. The first line of defense is to put things up out of the way where the puppy can't possibly get at them. A canvas bag seems safe to leave down, but I'm sure the puppy could destroy it if she decided to.


I don't know if you can ever stop chewers, but you can direct this habit to certain items, like to doggie rawhide chewies and bones. Keep a good supply.


She also might like the braided tug-of-war toys. She can sink her teeth into one of them while playing with someone. This might help her desire to chew.

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Oops- Sorry about your crochet books. I'm glad for you that you could replace it.

I don't have a Beagle but, my niece breeds/trains them so when I asked, she referred me to this article online for you and this one (2nd link has a some great tips on prevention). She said to also bare in mind that Beagles are hunters by nature and their sense of smell is amazing- they don't use them in fox hunts for nothing- LOL!

She also said they get bored very easily and like stimulation to release energy. Walking on a leash 2x a day will help relieve some of that pent up energy. No matter the breed, dogs need to be trained what can be chewed on or not.

Here is also some excellent advice about Beagles chewing which I have used in training on all breeds of dogs I've had the privilege of calling my fur babies.

Hope these links have helped and the Beagle-Baby turns out to be the best dog you've ever had.

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Our Doberman loved the kids toys and one of my daughters favorite red tennis shoes. Just one. I don't think she ever forgave her for eating that! I kept telling them "You have to be smarter than the dog." Eventually she did outgrow it. Of course she only took things from those she loved the most. Small consolation when you only have one red shoe though!

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