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A blanket I made a little while ago - Moroccan tiles

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Hello, I wanted to share my first project pics with you and show you the blanket I made. It's been a labour of love with all the colour changes, sewing together and weaving in ends but I hope you agree it was worth it.


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I have this kit, but I'm afraid I will never finish it if I start it.  But I will definitely never finish it if I don't.  How long did it take you to make this?

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HI Fiberfolly!  The original poster only had 15 posts and hasn't posted in over 6 months.  I doubt that she is active.  She said it was a "labor of love", so I'm guessing it took her quite a while.  It looks like a long project, but well worth it.  It's so cool looking!  Also, what may take someone a few weeks, might take another person a few months.  Everyone crochets at a different speed and has varying amounts of time to crochet.


Try not to think about how much time it's going to take you.  Instead, think about the fun along the way.  Just get started.  Make a motif and see how you like it.  Then make another.  I bet the second one takes less time than the first one.  Make sure that you keep what you need in a project bag.  That way you can grab it to go for whenever you'll be sitting and waiting.  (A friend of mine crochets in church every Sunday ... shhhhh.)


ETA: Another thing you can do is start a new thread.  Let everyone know that you'd like some encouragement as you go along.  Post pics of your progress.  The family here will join in and cheer you on!

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