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KeyRing Chapstitck Cozy

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I love my new little coin bag I made so when DD needed a chapstick holder to keep her chapstick on the outside of her bag vs digging for it.I knew that bag design was going to work up perfectly, just by making it smaller....I added a split ring & key-ring to allow it to hang on her bag....


P.S. I have made a different style before & when the yarn stretched the chapstick slide right out so this will keep it nicely tucked in...







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LOL....it's really the other way around a few years ago I taught her to crochet a scarf now she makes lots of things I would never try like large sock monkeys etc and about 6 month ago she taught herself to knit too right now she is working on knitting a baby sweater......


Here is a blanket she made about 6 month into learning to crochet...


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