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Redo beret or just Block it?


I crocheted a plain, tam-style, garter stitch beret. Despite not working a tight gauge, it is too small. I think the pattern maker just has a small head.

I followed the pretty basic pattern from this video -https://youtu.be/8myaqOkCP3s, and used a size G hook and worsted weight yarn.

Should I:

A) Attempt to wet block it to a larger size (it's alpaca),
B) Rip out the brim and decrease rows then ad lib more increase rows and modify the decrease, or
C) Rip it out entirely and use a different pattern?

This is my first basic crochet project. Usually I make decorative lace stuff when I crochet, or I knit. While I frequently make or alter patterns when knitting, I'm not that experienced with crochet yet. I'm just not sure what the best option here is.


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Hi, welcome to the ville!


You could wet block it and see if it helps. Animal fibers usually do respond pretty well to blocking. Then if that doesnt work, rip it out and look for a better pattern.


I don't have time to look at the video, but does it tell you the size of the finished beret and the stitches per inch? If not, look for a pattern that does give that info.

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