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lovie blanket

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Sooo cute! :) and so colorful:).


I did figure it out a "way" how to make that center part strong (where all those pieces are sewn together) and will NOT wobble. It will not tear off easy or pull out the yarn from that dc stitch blankie. I figure that out when I was making that "Colorful Monkey Lovey". Because that head & those arm were pretty big and I knew it will not held up well just to sew that to that very small place in the center of that granny stich. Not only that, but those big &"heavy" pieces probably would pull out- damage that blankie. Just from a "ruff" playing & dragging around by the kid even in washer & dryer. O do those Laundry Mesh bags I think they are a "Must to have" specially for projects like that. And I was going to take a pictures in progress to post here of my "New Invention" LOL. But I forgot to take those pictures:(.

Maybe I can explain that here in words, I am not sure LOL.


1) If there are more parts besides the head (like arms), sew them to the bottom of that head NOT to that blankie.


2)Crochet a flat little circle using SC tight. That will provide a stronger fabric to attach that stuff from the top. I forgot how many rows I crocheted around. But that circle was about 2"-2,25" in diameter.


3) Attach that little circle to the center BOTTOM of that blankie by temporary few stitches in the center (you can pull that out later) or just a drop of glue in the center. That is just to keep that little circle in a right place so would not be moving. That makes a little easer to do the final sewing all of that together.


4) Final stage - sewing all of that together. I will not kid you it is not very easy or fast to do a good job on that. But is not very hard either, just a little passions is needed:).

Take that blankie (right side up) and that head (with arms or not). Put that on center-top of that blankie and secure that together with a couple pins.

Get a sewing needle with few strands of floss or maybe thinner yarn. I did not wanted to use that WW yarn for sewing that I thought it would create too much bulk.

Start sewing from the bottom of that little sc circle (you can start from that head it dos not matter) going up thru that blanked to that head in small TIGHT stitches up & down in a circle around. Do not try to sew on that edge of that sc-circle. It is fine if you will stay awey from that edge of that sc-circkle 1/4" or 1/2" even more if you need too. Just pay attention to how is looking- coming out at the top, you do not want that sewing part to show (arms to the head). When you sewing that "tread" that blankie part like it is not there, it is just in between those 2 parts that you need to sew together. That is: you are sewing that head to that little circle at the bottom- center of that blankie. You need to see that like a sandwich with 2 pieces of bread & cheese in a middle.I know that is a very stupit comperison I just could not think of anything else LOL.

You should sew that together at least twice around.

Ok now I think I am done LOL.


Another way to get some stronger connection in that center of that blankie I think it would be to start in that center of that blankie with a few rows of sc and than change to a different stitch that you would like that blankie to be crochet with. As for me I prefer that idea with that little circle.


I hope you can visualize what I was trying to explain above LOL. I know pictures would been better.


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