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Can't crochet much right now

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Last summer I was on a crochet ban for months, due to a shoulder injury. Oh, I was soooo happy I could finally crochet again! I had missed it so much. I would have never ever thought that there would ever be another reason for me not to crochet. And here it is...


My head is so full, it's overflowing. I can't seem to be able to focus on crochet projects. They are either too big or too complicated. I have apparently gotten so advanced that I no longer even think about doing small projects. And so, I can't crochet. I simply can't get to it, because I don't feel like it.


I really do feel like I'm doing something wrong, crochet being my favorite hobby and all, but maybe I should just let it go and enjoy what I do feel like doing. Which is knitting socks. A lot of them. All in the same pattern. I'm going to be starting my 6th in a row today... (Did not knit all 5 today, haha)

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Absolutely do what you feel like doing. If socks are your "thing" right now, what's wrong with that?


I occasionally have spells of making a number of slippers or bath cloths in a row. They are my "go to" items that are relaxing to make between bigger, more complicated items.

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It's just the stupid WIP laying around everywhere. It's driving me crazy. I'm supposed to finish a design soon, I have some bigger projects and I'm supposed to design crochet a logo in exchange for a service to me... I just can't get around to anything. And now I just feel whiny ;)


It will be fine, I just feel guilty about not doing anything and just sitting around all day long.


Thanks for the kind words though! I'm sure I'll find my groove Again soon.

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