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Hats for my little neighbors- Minion &..

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Hello Everyone:)


I made those hats couple weeks ago. I was little worried that might not fit well, I didn't had any  measurements. I was really lucky, it was a perfect fit for both of them:).That boy is 7 years old. When he sew that Minion hat & I put that on him he was very happy. He started running around the house and jumping on sofa's. Couple days later his mother told me that he is wearing that hat inside the house LOL. His sister is very happy with her colorful hat too. I told her I will make a matching scarf, I got some yarn left.

Here is that pattern for that Minion hat:



I do not have a pattern for that other hat. It is easy to make that. I call that "Tube Hat". Make a rectangle. Crochet each row sc in back loops only.Than sew those shorter edges together. Take a piece of yarn& needle and gather one side. Make a pom-pom and secure that to the top. VERY easy! :). I made many of them for my granddaughters. I made many different hats for them. BUT according to my daughter those "Tube Hats" they were the best!. 


Happy crocheting:)



post-73590-0-42060100-1459163778_thumb.jpg  post-73590-0-60764800-1459163824_thumb.jpg



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