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Baby Pom-Pom Hat, Flower Hat & more...:)

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Hello again:)


Here are pictures of some items that I crochet for my friend first granddaughter to be born on March-13. I guess that means anytime now:). That hat with that white flower it is a part of a set that I crocheted (blanket, toy and that hat). I will take more pictures today or tomorrow. I better take them no later than tomorrow! because she will pick that up tomorrow evening.

/My friend seen those hats and yes she likes them all. But, she just loves that pom-pom hat. She even took a picture of that to send to her daughter.

Here is a link to that baby set I made (matching with some of those hats).I know I post that at a wrong place: 


Have a Great Day!




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The new baby will look adorable in such sweet crochet accessories. I love the double pom-pom too. Makes it look even cuter.

You have a great day too!

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Thank You Ladies:)


Cindy that hat might  fit later in length but maybe not in width LOL. 

I did not made that hat wider than the other hats here.



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