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Sarah Vanover


I am wanting to take the picture on the graph paper which is 25 wide by 36 long and make it into a large lap throw say maybe 5'x7'. I can't get any of the program suggested to work and would really like to get this project started as I've never done anything that requires changing colors or had letters on it!! As a matter of fact, just this year I made a sock monkey and booties to go with a corner to corner blanket I made for a friend. Those are the most difficult items I've ever made. Prior to those it was only single, double and treble stitch items. If someone could make the graph and post it here so I can try and save it then print it, I would be immensely appreciative!!! The blanket/ throw will be for my daughter who is going through Boot Camp and graduates on March 11! I'd love to have a good portion done by then if not all of it! If not by then, then for sure by mid June when she graduates from her "A" school! I plan on using a K hook and I want to use the same colors, except maybe a gold color for the anchor instead of yellow. Stitch I am unsure of at this time. I am debating between the single crochet and half double crochet. Any help would be appreciated immensely! I will post pictures as I go along.



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I cannot speak to making a graph for a lap ghan but changing colors isn't too hard. I would watch some videos on how to change yarn colors for a basic understanding and then read this thread made just a few days ago about this very topic! http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/156470-graph-crochet-changing-colors-and-carrying-yarn/


Good luck!

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Make a swatch (no color changing, unless you want to play with it) using your chosen hook yarn (or yarn of the same weight), that's maybe 5" square.  Figure out your stitch gauge, even to the fraction of an inch, measuring over the inside 4" (edge stitches can throw things off). Then, figure about how big you want the emblem to be on your blanket.  


Example, say you want the anchor to be 3' wide on the 5' wide blanket

Let's say your stitch gauge is 18 stitches over 4", so each stitch is .22 inches wide

36 inches divided by 0.22 inches is 162 stitches

While I'm at it, the whole 5' width, 60 inches, will be 270 inches

(note, I'm making up a stitch gauge and doing the math, you'll need to use your gauge to come up with YOUR number of stitches)


Now, do you have a way to get an electronic copy of your graph - scan it, recreate it in Excel or Paint?


If so, run it thru this program http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/.  Choose Crochet format (not knit), and grid size XL.  This will re-graph your 25x36 grid to a 120x160 grid, which isn't big enough so you'll have to figure out how many rows to make top and bottom, and how many stitches to add on each side, to center the anchor where you want it.  Also, it will include your original gridlines, so you'll have to do some touching up of the grid it gives you; also, it will probably have some grids that are a shaded color between 2 colors, so those grids will need to be cleaned up as well.

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