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Hi everyone!


This is probably a really silly question but im still quite a novice at this. 


So I have made a lacy flower square and I want to now crochet it into a big granny square, So I went round the lacyflower with a row of double crochet stitches (US terms) and now I cant figure out how to start turning it into a granny square pattern.... 


I hope that makes sense?



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You'll need to count your stitches on each side.  They should be a multiple of 4 + 7.  (Total count - 7) / 4 = whole number.  If it's not the right number, then you need to either fudge the next round or redo the dc round with increases or decreases to get the right number.


For your next round, you should do 3 dc (us term), ch 1, skip 1 around the sides.  This is your multiple of 4.  In the corners, do 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc without skipping a stitch and then a ch 1, skip 1 to start the next side.  This is your added 6 + the ch 1.


I hope this helps!  Let me know if what I wrote is confusing.

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