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Megan Cullen

I'm Back - 2+ years later :)

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So, over 2 years ago, I joined this form. I never really posted, I mostly lurked. I found a lot of really great patterns here that I've enjoyed over the years. So, thank you!


Also, I kind of got a tiny bit in trouble because I had wanted to share my patterns that I sell, and at the time my friend and I had some trademarked characters in our shop. (These were designed by her, and we no longer share a shop now, and I do not sell any patterns that are copyrighted/trademarked, and never will again!!!)


Meanwhile, I kind of forgot about the site for a while due to some difficult circumstances. I lived overseas for 7 years and in May of last year, I moved back to the US after the breakup of my my marriage. It was my choice to leave, and the right one, but not an easy decision. It is a very long story, but I am happier and better off now.


With today came the news that my divorce decree was signed on Monday, and I'm officially free.  :yay 


For some reason, as I was working on my Etsy shop this evening, I got thinking about a little bunny pattern I had used once from this forum, and that reminded me of you all, so I thought I would come back and see how things are here. :ghug


Hoping to hang out more. Thank you for having me!

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Hi :hi and Welcome :welcome   back to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.


We are always glad to see friends return.

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Thank you all! :)


I wonder if we have any threads for posting to find people in your area? I tried to find people via Ravelry but all the groups near me were pretty much dead in the water. La sigh.

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